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Massage at Hand and Stone
01-19-21 Uncategorized
A Taste of Pure Relaxation

We know you lead a lifestyle full of work, fun, and everything in between. Without realizing it, your body can fall behind and experience the stress and tension that comes from hunching over the computer or staring at a screen all day.

When you finally have time to decompress, look no further than the timeless tradition of massage and facials that individuals have turned to for thousands of years. We spoke to Kamal, the owner of Hand and Stone Hoboken, and she explained to us how important it is to care for your body. Here she breaks down the various types of massages to help you find the right treatment.


For the Beginner: The Swedish Massage

This is one of the most common types of massages that consists of long, fluid strokes of your muscles and tissues. Each massage is specialized to be tailored to the individual, so the amount of pressure will be determined based on your needs. This is a great option for those who are just beginning their massage journey, allowing pressure to be relieved and relaxation to be received.


For Chronic Pain: The Deep Tissue Massage

For those who are faced with constant pain and soreness, then this method  is the one for you. This is a more intense massage that uses slow, deep strokes to help alleviate severe tension below the superficial muscles. Working from home can take a real toll on your body so it is crucial to take time for yourself and feel the tranquility of a deep tissue massage.


For Rejuvenation:  The CBD Massage

This unique and specialty technique utilizes CBD oil to work out any aches or pains you may be feeling. The blissful smell of CBD coupled with the therapeutic aura that comes with a spa really illustrates why CBD is known as a powerful plant-based wellness treatment.


For Your Skin: The Detox Facial

After your body is rejuvenated from massage therapy, it is time to advance to Hand and Stone’s specialty facials. One of their top-rated facial treatments is the Detox Facial. This treatment will rescue your congested skin by detoxifying the pores and rebooting skin texture.


For Your Skin+++:The Dermal-infusion Facial

The last recommendation by Kamal was to spoil yourself with the Dermalinfusion Facial. What it does is exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates your skin, resulting in a timeless and refreshing look. During your consultation, a facial technician will evaluate your skin type and blend a balance of serums that will perfectly match your skin type. This non-invasive, advanced skin resurfacing treatment uses real diamond tips to leave your looking and feeling absolutely flawless.


Bliss that Lasts

If there’s one thing we learned from Kamal it’s this: “Massage is not a luxury, but a necessity”. She encourages us to not think of massage therapy as an indulgence, but rather an element that is essential in treating your body like the temple it is.


Luckily for Capstone residents, Hand and Stone is offering an exclusive discounted price for their monthly memberships. Living only a few minutes away will make it easier to keep up with this self-care regimen. When your session is over return home, where the ambiance is equally as soothing and comforting as your massage. Want a further taste into The Capstone lifestyle? Visit our website to view floorplans and learn more about the all-encompassing luxury lifestyle that comes with living at The Capstone.


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