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Capstone at Port Imperial Gym
07-30-21 Amenities
Feeling Fit and Fantastic

Focus on your health and wellness at the Capstone! Enhance your fitness journey with the help of our luxury Capstone state-of-the-art gym amenities. Discover your workout of choice by exploring the art of yoga in the zen den, challenging your inner Katie Ledecky in the lap pool, and running the morning away with our stunning views of the Manhattan skyline that never seem to get old.

Sweat Before Sunrise

Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness. When you are ready to get active make your way to the indoor fitness studio. Everyone has their own fitness goals, so it is important to set intentions for your workout ahead. For those interested in getting stronger, hit the weight floor and jump into lifting. With a range of equipment including free weights, resistance and cable machines, and a squat rack you will find yourself in a bodybuilder’s heaven. Now for those craving cardio, you have the option of getting active on the treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical, and punching bag. Train on your own or follow a FitnessOnDemand workout if you need further workout inspiration.

As the day goes on, visit another happy place in your Port Imperial home: the spin and yoga studio. No need to go out for a workout when you have a spin studio in your very own apartment community! Pedal your heart out as you get in a great full body workout that will leave you feeling ready for the weekend.

Next, stretch your body and exercise your mind with yoga. Not only are you working on your balance and flexibility, but you will likely find see a decrease in your stress and an increase in your mood and energy. End your practice with a meditation focusing your mind and movement on the “present moment”. Namaste!

Get that Afternoon Glow
Whether you got your workout in early, a middy adrenaline boosting session just hits different. We know you don’t want to miss out on the summer sun, so we suggest getting up to the pool deck for water activities. Take the classical route and swim laps to get your heartrate up or opt for some playful water aerobics to get in shape without feeling the heat. After all this movement you will be feeling confident in your bikini body!

We can’t think of any better way to end your fitness-filled day than with Pilates on the rooftop. As the sun sets on the Hudson and the sky is painted with color, you will feel connected to your body and home. Go through some of your favorite movements or take a class online. Some of our favorite instructors have videos on YouTube; We recommend Move with Nicole and Melisa Wood Health for killer abs and full body strength.

You are only one workout away from a better mood! Start living your best life and reach all your fitness goals from your apartment with gym in Port Imperial. Gain a better vision of your new lifestyle by scheduling a tour of the Capstone today!

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