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04-22-21 Area
Mix Up Your Music Taste

Nothing beats listening to your favorite musicians on a classic vinyl record player. Touch up on the timelessness of vinyl at Tunes Hoboken, home to a vast collection of vintage and contemporary records. Pick out some oldies, but goodies, and head back to your Capstone apartment to relax, unwind, and jam out.

Located in Hoboken, New Jersey, this record store has it all. Since 1995, this shop has been sharing its collection with our community, truly offering something for everyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking for an old Beatles project or Beyoncé’s latest production, Tunes Hoboken is the perfect place to spend a slow weekend afternoon perusing the bin-lined walls.

Oldies but Goodies
For those into the classics, opt for records from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the music giants of classic rock and everyone’s favorite legendary hits. From Metallica and Led Zeppelin to Aerosmith and AC/DC, Tunes has it all. For those that are just getting into the art of collecting records, our experts recommend picking up a Rolling Stones or a David Bowie album to begin your journey.

Today’s Hits
If you exclusively tune into Billboard’s Top 100 chart, Tunes Hoboken has plenty of new-age artists mixed in by genre and an entire section dedicated to latest releases. Under “Pop” you’ll find the works of Billie Eilish or Tame Impala and under “R&B” you’ll likely find SZA or Aminé. With the popularity of vinyl record’s making a comeback in 2021, musicians are eager to draw in die-hard fans and new audiences with unique cover art that can be framed and hung as works of art.

Essential Indie Music
Whether you’re a master collector or new to the game, everyone can appreciate and vibe to the mellow tunes of indie music. Indie music includes musicians who make unique music regardless of being tied to a big label. It is a great alternative genre of music that will be the perfect spin on your classic music collection. Pick up a Wallows, Clairo, or Mac DeMarco record today to dive deep into the indie world.

Time truly slows when you lay back with a glass of wine, while your record spins in the background. Not only do vinyl’s allow you to appreciate the artistry of an album from front to back, but they also set a soothing vibe for your night spent at home at The Capstone. Interested in learning more about our riverfront community? Contact us to learn more!

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