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Modern living room with couch and credenza
03-09-21 Design
Respect For Design

Manhattan-based Interior Designer, Michael Kramer of Michael Thomas & Co, unveils a few of his secrets to apartment design. His expertise compliments The Capstone’s love of design and will leave you loving every corner of your Port Imperial home.

Find your Rockstar
At any good concert, there is one main attraction: the Rockstar. When crafting your space, it is essential to identify that one “Rockstar” piece to make your space pop. This can be anything from a bold art piece to an eye-catching dining room table. Michael recommends looking at 1st Dibs – a local business that sells one-of-a-kind pieces of vintage furniture by the world’s best designers.

Once you choose a strong piece, it is time to add in your “opening act”. These are the items that energize your living space using texture: pops of color, unique throw pillows, or a modern light fixture. The rule is to keep it simple and follow clean lines. You want your apartment to tell a story without overcrowding the area you have to work with. Remember, you’re curating not hoarding.

Everything is Seating
Michael shared how important it is to make your home a place that is useful to you and your guests. A design hack he recommends is to make everything, and we mean everything, a seat. All apartment residents know that even in the most spacious apartment, you can never have enough seating.

The addition of ottoman chairs or small side tables can appear to be merely for decoration, but when the time comes, they are the perfect addition to solve seating arrangements. One important thing to keep in mind when adding these seating options is to ensure they are durable and sturdy.

Reflect your Vibe
Michael explains how important it is to “design around you” – go for a vibe that reflects your lifestyle and aura. Create designated spaces in your apartment to do your work, indulge in hobbies, and unwind. Don’t be afraid to explore your strangest décor ideas. You never know, it might be that gaudy Victorian-style mirror you found at Olde Good Things or that art deco chair from Housing Works that really complete your space.

Go Custom
“Never be afraid of custom items,” Michael’s golden ticket to elevate any apartment. Bring your vision to life by finding an artist or business whose work you admire. Look through Instagram, by searching Geo-Tags and Hashtags to find a design and maker that matches your interest. There are so many great local businesses that can craft nearly anything to complete your dream apartment home. Think: a minimalist desk or an intricate wood crafted record player.

Adoring every edge of your apartment is nothing short of exciting. Especially, when you have expert advice from Michael Thomas & Co. at your fingertips. Visit Michael’s website to learn more about his inspired design aesthetic. Schedule your tour of The Capstone today!

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