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Wine and Design
06-15-21 Area
Welcome your creative side with Wine and Design

Summer has just begun, ushering in endless time to discover new hobbies. Luckily, we found the perfect happy hour activity for you and your friends to enjoy after a long day of work: a paint and sip night with Wine & Design. Whether you are looking to book a private party for a special occasion or drop in to pick up a paint kit to bring the fun home, Wine & Design is a must on the summer bucket list.

In the heart of Weehawken and just a 9-minute drive from The Capstone, you can find the unique art studio: Wine & Design. Founded three years ago by the Lucero brothers, they opened shop with the mission to spark inspiration through the art of paint and respect for design. We spoke with co-founder, Dan Lucero, to hear firsthand his favorite elements of owning the studio and how he can encourage our residents to express themselves artistically both in-studio and at home!

Summer Lovin Design
At Wine & Design, they offer various programs and services that vary by month. During the summer, you’ll find a list of classes that mirror the sunny and playful vibe of the season. Some of their upcoming calendar events include painting a radiant sunset wave, a cocktail with a beautiful beach background, and the painting of your family name surrounded by a floral bouquet. One of the best components of these classes are that they allow you to interpret the subject however you like! The instructor gives you the backbone of the image but allows you to take the strokes into your own hands to truly make the canvas your own.

When Inspiration Sparks
Another class offered at the Wine& Design studio is a home decor D.I.Y. paint session. Opt for this class if you are looking to host a private event and fancy painting something that inspires you. We know our residents have a love for design, so these classes are perfect for those looking to add a new piece to their home collection. From wine glasses and vases to furniture and other household décor, Wine & Design allows you to personalize any item your heart desires.

Kid’s Paint Camp
Need something to keep the kiddos occupied? At Wine & Design, your kids play a vital role in the studio. Invite them to embrace their creativity and express their feelings through art. Children of all ages are welcome to come in and tag along with their parents or even take part in the specialty kid sessions. For those who really have a passion for art, each summer the studio hosts a day camp where the young artists can participate in various painting activities.

Creativity At Home
Dan wants you to take what you learn and dive deeper into your art and creativity at home when you leave the studio. Adorn your apartment with the work that you created to upgrade any blank wall or surface. Show your appreciation for the art of design and jazz up old items lying around your apartment with the help of Wine & Design paint kits. The tips and tricks you learn in the classes you take will last a lifetime and emphasizes how each individual has their own unique take on art.

Express yourself through the craft of artistry and with the guidance of Wine & Design. Fill your summer with the timeless taste of painting and your admiration for design either at the studio or in your luxury Capstone apartment. Schedule a tour today to learn more about our lively lifestyle on the waterfront.

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